Selected Press

Braden King Creates Haunting, Tumblr-based Music Video for Califone

“Filmmaker Braden King has made a hauntingly beautiful, web-only interactive music video” for “Stitches,” the new single from Califone. In real time, the video pulls and sequences images from a curated selection of Tumblrs, sidescrolling them across your monitor in sync to the song’s elegant melancholy."
Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine, July, 2013

Califone's Interactive "Stitches" explores Tumblr's Artsy NSFW Side
"While Kanye West's "interactive" video for "Black Skinhead" stretched the definition of the word - slow motion and screenshots? c'mon, man - Califone's new visuals for "Stitches"actually gives viewers something to do. The experimental Chicago crew created the new video with filmmaker Braden King."
Dan Reilly, Spin Magazine, July, 2013

New York Times Critic’s Pick: Braden King’s HERE
"There are vistas in Braden King’s metaphysical road movie, “HERE,” that are so beautiful you'll want to step through the screen and disappear... The trains of thought stirred up by the the film’s contemplation of what is here and what is there - and where you are - are endless and stimulating... I admire it immensely."
Stephen Holden, The New York Times, April, 2012

This is Where You Work: Braden King’s Office
“‘With all these devices,” King says as he gestures to his iPhone, “you never have to be where you are.” The comment is appropriate, as King’s film, HERE, is about nothing so much as having an appreciation and understanding of where one is.”
Zachary Wigon, Filmmaker Magazine, April 2012

Foreign Correspondents: Braden King and Joshua Marston in Conversation
“Directors Joshua Marston (The Forgiveness of Blood, Maria Full of Grace) and Braden King (HERE, Dutch Harbor) discuss the making of their very different pictures through the prism of shared experience - making an independent film in Eastern Europe.”
Filmmaker Magazine, February 2012

Across the Universe: Braden King's HERE
“An assured fiction-feature debut, HERE is a bold endeavour to make a film inspired by a love of map-making and the mythology of exploration.”
Davina Quinlivan, Sight and Sound, October, 2011

Join us in a Prayer: Braden King
“A standout at Sundance and Berlin, Braden King’s HERE deals with themes of exploration in life, cinema, and map-making. Alex Zafiris talks to the filmmaker.”
Alex Zafiris, BOMB, April, 2011

HERE [ THE STORY SLEEPS ] - Live at Sundance New Frontier
“Less a deconstruction of story than a dismantling of it, Braden King’s mesmerizing multimedia presentation is the fractured sibling of HERE, a more traditional feature film screening in this year’s U.S. Dramatic Competition."
Eric Hynes, Sundance Film Festival Blog, January, 2011

FILMMAKER Sundance Film Festival Interview: Director Braden King
“HERE is the story of a romance told in vibrant images. The tiny, dreamy moments spent gazing at the rushing world from a car window, or drinking and laughing with new and old friends - these are the memories that HERE burns into your brain.”
James Ponsoldt, Filmmaker Magazine, January, 2011

HERE: Love in the Time of Google Maps
“King’s blending of naturalism and pure cinematic flourish, the startlingly direct romantic philosophy nestled within layers of enigmatic writing, packs an unexpectedly powerful emotional punch. It’s the road trip romance reinvented, remapped.”
Karina Longworth, LA Weekly, January, 2011

BOX OFFICE Sundance Film Festival Review: HERE
★ Braden King’s lyrical cinepoem is one of those movies so fully achieved it restores your faith in the cinema.
Ray Greene, Box Office Magazine, January, 2011

Goings On About Town: HERE [ THE STORY SLEEPS ] at MoMA
"Gus Powell took this series of images during the first night of MOMA’s Creative Capital film series. The exhibition opened with the Braden King’s “Here [The Story Sleeps],” a combination of film and live musical performance."
The New Yorker, May, 2010

FUTURES: “HERE” Filmmaker Braden King
"A filmmaker and visual artist, King has garnered acclaim with his music videos, short films, and the documentary  Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks Its Back."
IndieWire, May, 2010